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Complete Professional Recovery, LLC is owned and operated by Debbie Craft who has 20 years of experience in the collection industry. CPR was founded on the belief that a collection agency can operate with integrity, provide personalized service to their clients, and display respect to our clients' customers while still achieving a high level of recovery. 

Each CPR collector will have personal clients and will be knowledgeable of their clients’ industries. This will allow for regular communication and individualized attention. Each account will be personally reviewed by the collector and called to maximized recovery. If a client’s customer can’t be reached by phone for collection, the collector will skip trace to gain additional contact information to reach the customer. 

At Complete Professional Recovery, professionalism is a top priority. We understand that our clients want their accounts recovered, but they also want their clients to return for additional services. We understand the importance of treating our clients' customers with dignity while still communicating that a debt is owed. 

Contact us today and speak to Debbie personally. She can be reached by phone at 316-613-2781 or by email at

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